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Special Builds

Special Builds

Hand-in-Hand Build
Hand-in-Hand build 2013 was one of the special builds by HFH Nepal. It was held in Labipur, Sunsari district of Nepal from 3 – 8 March, 2013. The build brought many hands and hearts together. It mobilized nearly 60 Australian volunteers and more than 15 national volunteers to construct five houses of female-headed households. They helped in cleaning and cutting bamboo, weaving bamboo wall panels, plastering and painting.

Scouts Build
On August 9th and 10th 2013, more than 210 Boys’ Scouts of America worked in Paanchkhaal Municipality of Kavre district for Scouts Build 2013. They volunteered for mud plastering and window & door painting alongside 20 families, in partnership with the local partner organizations of Habitat for Humanity Nepal. The scouts contributed their sweat equity n order to provide clean houses to the families.

Spice Build
On October 3, 2013 Nari Chetna Women Agricultural Cooperative unveiled the spice grinding machine donated by the New Zealand team. The women in the community no longer have to travel 40 kilometers to borrow another community’s machine to grind the spice.

Spice Build 2013 was based on the theme of “Women together” and supporting the women in need. This build brought together 34 women volunteers from New Zealand building homes alongside 5 female-headed households in Jhapa, Nepal. Throughout the week, the volunteers engaged themselves in constructional work. They learned to construct houses adopting Santaal technology and build five decent houses. At the end of the build, five decent houses were constructed.

Women Build
Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program leverages  the strength and capacity of women to help other women in need. Women from less privileged background are empowered through owning a home in a safe environment where they can earn their living and raise their children. The program brings together women from all walks of life to address the housing crisis being faced by millions of women and children worldwide.

While the first Women Build program began in 1991 in North Carolina, USA, HFH Nepal’s Women Build is a new initiative energized by the recent earthquake.

On 30 November  2015, HFH Nepal’s Women Build Council was formed, comprising influential women from different sectors  like business, social, media, film industry, corporate etc.  Council members aim to: Identify and support women-focused projects Raise awareness of poverty housing issues in Nepal affecting women and their  families.

  • Forge strategic and long-term partnerships with organizations and individuals committed to empower women in need
  • Raise funds for Women Build projects.
  • Advocate for land rights and secure tenure for women.
  • Advocate for resource development related to micro-finance and linkage to income generating activities.