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Habitat Young Leaders Build

Habitat Young Leaders Build

Habitat Young Leaders BUILD is a movement that engages young people to take action together to build homes and communities, speak out for decent shelter, and raise funds and awareness for  poverty housing.

Habitat for Humanity Nepal first joined the largest youth-focused volunteer campaign in the Asia-Pacific region in 2013. Then known as Habitat Youth BUILD, the movement drew about 10,000 Nepali participants who built houses and advocated for decent housing through pledges, street rallies and art competitions.

In 2014, HFH Nepal and its partners mobilized 80,000 participants in the Habitat Youth BUILD. Media personality Santosh Shah, music artist Nirnaya Shrestha, TV journalist Prem Baniya, actor Sitaram Kattel and actress Reecha Sharma lent their support as the Youth Ambassadors.

By its fourth year in 2015, the youth movement attracted more than 616,000 Nepalese who helped in construction activities such as building, repair and rehabilitation of houses and toilets, digging sewage tanks, painting walls, cleaning and conducting health sanitation programs. Supporters also took part in an online T-shirt design competition, workshop, seminars and pledge activities. HFH Nepal’s Youth Ambassadors – Santosh Shah, Nirnaya Shrestha, Prem Baniya and Reecha Sharma –together built with families in various districts.

On 4 December 2015, new Ambassadors joined Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, at the launch of Habitat Young Leaders Build 2016 in Kathmandu. They are VJ/model Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi, actress Anna Sharma, media personality Sanjay Gupta, and Nepal Scouts representative Prakash Pandey.

In the run-up to the peak of Habitat Young Leaders Build on 2 April 2016, HFH Nepal aims to:

  • Engage young people to lead the way in building safe and decent homes, and sustainable communities throughout Nepal.
  • Mobilize youth in raising awareness and advocating for safe shelter and fundraising to support the work of HFH Nepal.
  • Help 1,000 families through house construction, repairs and/or rehabilitations.
  • Engage 300,000 volunteers through online and offline activities such as participate in trainings, awareness raising activities and construction works.

Reach 1.8 million people through mainstream, online and social media platforms.