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Everest Build

Everest Build

Once in every two years, Habitat for Humanity Nepal, since 2010 AD, has been organizing a large-scale build, rightly named as EVEREST BUILD. This Build simply mobilizes a greater number of the diligent volunteers of different national and international backgrounds to build a greater number of decent shelters to the Nepali families who are in desperate need of decent houses in a week.

The first Everest Build, known as Everest Build I, was organized in Pokhara in 2010 that comprised around 800 volunteers, both national and international. The volunteers worked together for a period of 1 week to construct 40 houses.

The Everest Build II was conducted in Kavre from 7th to 12th October 2012 with the involvement of more than 450 international volunteers and 200 national volunteers. During the build week, volunteers worked with environmentally friendly materials such as sun-dried soil bricks and a plastering mixture of mud, cow dung and rice husks.

Habitat for Humanity Nepal organized the Everest Build for the third time, Everest Build III in 2014. The build took place from November 17 – 21 in Ratnanagar Municipality of the Chitwan district. Over 360 international volunteers from Cambodia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the United States of America, the Philippines and Singapore worked diligently with more than 100 national volunteers to build 35 houses.