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Peace of mind

When Sanila Danuwar, 27, first received the temporary shelter built by Habitat for Humanity in late May 2015, it was a simple structure made of corrugated tin sheets, wires and rods. When a Habitat for Humanity team visited Sanila and her family a week later, the shelter had been upgraded with ‘walls’ made of tin sheets and bamboo salvaged from the family’s earthquake-affected house. Inside their shelter, Sanila, her husband and their three-year-old daughter are protected from the rain.

Sanila’s father-in-law had been sleeping out in the open after the April 25 earthquake, and he fell ill following a strong storm which later hit Pipaltar village, Kavrepalanchok district. A few days after Sanila’s family received the temporary shelter, her father-in-law died in hospital, having been diagnosed with severe pneumonia.

Although she feels sad over the death of her father-in-law, Sanila is thankful for the shelter. Compared to when she was living in a tent, she is able to sleep better now, in a bed with a mosquito net. She has resumed working in the field, harvesting her tomatoes. “Now I am not worried that a strong wind might blow my home away,” she said. Sanila and her family can focus on eventually building a permanent home.