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Lakpa Ghale also known as “Chekre” 21 years is one of the skilled mason in Kispang rural Municipality, ward 4 Salme, Nuwakot District. Now a days Lakpa is mostly busy in constructing earthquake resilience house.

Lakpa heard about the masonry training to be organized within his community through the community members. After working in Malaysia for 3 year, he had returned back to his country looking for good opportunity within his community.
Lakpa signed up for masonry skills training for unskilled workers. The 30 days training groomed himself into one of the certified unskilled mason. He has been able to gain his respect within his family and community.

Till now Lakpa along with his mason group have already build 8 earthquake resilience houses. Lakpa is one of the active masons and these days he is also honing his carpentry skill.

Lakpa’s dream is to continue working as a mason and continue building safe permanent houses in his community