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Kali could still recall that day when a massive earthquake struck. She along with her grandson were working in the field when the earthquake struck. Without thinking, she quickly ran towards her house to see whether her one-story house made of raw brick and mud was safe. She could only watch as her family home turned into a pile of rubble but she was thankful that her family was safe.

Shortly after the earthquake, in June 2015, Kali was able to build a temporary shelter using materials from the kits distributed by Habitat Nepal. The shelter provided refuge for Kali, and her 16-year-old grandson whom she has been taking care of after the death of her son and daughter-in- law.

Kali receives 2,000 Nepali rupees (about $20) as a monthly senior citizen allowance from the local government, the money is not enough for their expenses so she also works as a farm hand to sustain their living. Living in the temporary shelter is really difficult for them. During the summer, it is unbearable to stay inside the shelter as it get too hot and winter are much colder, they have to put on layers of clothes to make themselves warm.

Due to the lack of money she could not even clear the wrecked buildings, and building a new house was out of her imagination until Habitat Nepal approached her for support. She received grant support Nepali rupees 200,000 (2000$), labour support, technical assistance through Housing Support Service Center in Nuwakot, Salme and received cement, sand, steel bar, binding wire as a GIK support.