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Happiness is Homemade

For many years, Pancha Kumari Tamang lived in a poor quality house with her husband Mangal Bahadur Tamang and their children. Pancha and Mangal work as laborers earning about 15,000 rupees per month. Her old house, made out of mud, was small and cramped, with a thatched roof. During the monsoon rains, water would leak from the roof.

Things changed after the Everest Build III when international volunteers from China worked together with Pancha and Mangal to build their new home. The two-room house that comes with a kitchen and veranda has brought much happiness to Tamang family.

“It feels very good to see my children enjoying their new home. They love to spend time on the veranda.
I would like to heartily thank HFH Nepal and the volunteers for helping us to build a beautiful house.”   — Pancha Kumari Tamang