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Feeling secure

Kathmandu, about 15 kilometers away from Chapagaun, Lalitpur district. He was alarmed when he could not get through to his heavily pregnant wife Bidhya, 20, on his mobile phone. “I walked all the way home because there was no public or private transport,” he recalled.
His house was nearly reduced to rubble but he managed to locate his wife some distance away, in the open, with hundreds of other people. Bikash and his wife Bidhya shared a tent with 10 other people after the earthquake. Bidhya gave birth soon after the earthquake. With nowhere to go, they lived in the tent for four months. Whenever it rained, they would get wet and his newborn baby Birsha was often down with a cold or a fever.
With hired help, Bikash built a temporary shelter in two days after receiving one of 1,000 temporary shelter kits distributed by Habitat by Humanity Nepal in Chapagaun. In contrast to the panic he experienced after the earthquake, Bikash, felt great relief.
“This might be a temporary shelter. But it’s a strong one. Rainwater doesn’t come in and my baby’s health has improved,” he said.