A world where everyone has decent place to live

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Everyone Plays a Part

“I was attending a religious function with my family in Kathmandu when the destructive earthquake shook our world. Luckily, we were together and safe. Immediately after the earthquake, my first instinct was to serve the people who have lost everything and were badly affected. When I arrived in Tupche, Nuwakot district, I could see destruction everywhere. People were living in dire conditions under their tents and the heavy monsoon rains made it worst.

Habitat’s Housing Support Service Center conducted seven-day skilled masonry training for local masons to help them be familiar with the national building code. It was difficult to persuade the community to rebuild their homes following the national code as they had been building for generations using the traditional method.

Initially, people’s enthusiasm to rebuild in the community was low. They had become distrusting as many organizations had come and gone accomplishing next to nothing. Community members were reluctant to talk with us and were feeling conflicted. However, we did not lose heart; we went door-to-door to introduce ourselves and shared about the services we provide. Soon they arrived in droves at the Housing Support Service Center for technical consultations, house designs, and help with site supervision and document preparation to apply for government reconstruction grants.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment, when I see that 217 homeowners who came here for technical support have built their new houses.”

— Sujata, 26, a civil engineer at Habitat’s Housing Support Service Center in Tupche