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Building Strength

“The thought of building a permanent house never crossed my mind. The earthquake toppled all my hopes of better days when the house collapsed. All the belonging was buried under the rubble but luckily my family members and cattle were unharmed. My differently-able husband and I lived in a makeshift shelter for more than two years in a dire condition.” Mangali was approached by Habitat Nepal for PASSA training, the training widen her knowledge on services provided by Housing Support Service Center and government reconstruction grants and reconstruction initiatives in her community.

With support from Habitat Nepal and my community, I was able to rebuild an earthquake resilience house. “If I hadn’t partnered with Habitat Nepal, we would still be living in the temporary shelter. Owning a home means stability, the house is a lot bigger than I had imagined and we are ready for the new beginning.”

— Mangali, 55, Habitat homeowner, rebuilt her new house in Tupche.