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Building Stability

“I was returning home from work, when the major earthquake struck on 25 April 2015. My world fell apart when I received the dreaded phone call from my daughter — I lost my eldest son. He was crushed to death by falling debris as my stone house collapsed. I can still feel the horror — the screaming of the people fleeing down the road as houses around me collapsed one after another.

Despite the tragic loss I pulled myself up and consoled my family. We lived under the tarpaulin sheets for nine days. I did not know where to begin. I had no knowledge of the distribution of relief materials and the government reconstruction grant until I came into contact with Habitat staff who showed up at my doorstep.

With support from my community and Habitat Nepal, I was able to rebuild a new house. I now have a home with proper water supply, toilet facility and sufficient room for my family members and peace of mind, that my family is living in a safe and sturdy home.

Now I have resumed my work as a carpenter, I feel things are getting better. I am starting to see a ray of light after the darkness.”

— Guna, 56, Habitat homeowner who rebuilt his house in Tupche in September 2017. Habitat’s Housing Support Service Center helped him to obtain the government’s reconstruction grant. Guna was also able to borrow tools from a construction equipment library.