A world where everyone has decent place to live

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building self-reliance

“At the time of the earthquake, I was away from home. As soon as the earthquake stopped, I rushed home to find my family safe but my two-story house had turned into a pile of rubble. We lived in a tent for five months in dire conditions. Being an experienced mason, I decided to rebuild my house. Later, through a PASSA member, I came to know that the house I tried to build did not meet the national building standard and I might lose the chance of receiving the government reconstruction grant. I then went to Habitat’s Housing Support Service Center to seek support and redesign my house. Through Housing Support Service Center I came to know about the skilled masonry training and I enrolled in it. With new skills and knowledge on hand, I started building my new house. Volunteers from Japan also helped in the construction. I had a chance to learn a new Japanese word — “arigato” (which means “thank you”).

The training not only boosted my confidence but it also honed my skills in building disaster-resilient houses that I now use to help my community.”

— Ganga, 47, trained mason in Tupche