A world where everyone has decent place to live

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Solid Ground

Solid Ground

Solid Ground, a global advocacy campaign of Habitat for Humanity
What is most essential to Habitat for Humanity’s ability to help any family live in safe, decent, affordable housing? It’s something that’s obvious, but many people may never give it much thought – land.

Unfortunately, most people around the world have no rights to land on which to live. The majority of the world’s land systems are broken and most people in the world who lack adequate housing are not able to secure title to land. Habitat is dedicated to helping families most in need of housing, but first they must have access to land on which to create a home.

Solid Ground, our global advocacy campaign, was created precisely to address this fundamental issue of access to land for shelter. Why access to land for shelter?

Solid Ground’s vision is a world where everyone has access to land for shelter.
Solid Ground’s mission is to change land policy and systems to ensure that more people around the globe can have a decent home.
Solid Ground will reach its goal by mobilizing new and existing allies to motivate policymakers around the world to enact and implement policies and systems that advance access to land for shelter.

Solid Ground focuses on four key areas:

  • Secure Tenure is the ability to live without fear of eviction. Research shows that with security of tenure, families can invest more in their home – and their future.
  • Recognizing that women are disproportionately affected by land rights issues and own less land than men, Solid Ground focuses on Gender and Property Rights. For example, across 10 countries in Africa, on average, only 12 percent of women report owning land individually.
  • We cannot end poverty without addressing Slum Upgrading. Current estimates show that by 2030, the number of people living in slums will double to 2 billion.
  • Between 2004 and 2013, nearly 200 million people per year were affected by natural disasters, often displaced and homes damaged and destroyed. Solid Ground focuses on Disaster Resilience because insecure land rights are frequently a major obstacle to reconstruction.In many countries around the world, barriers to land rights include insufficient or excessive legal and regulatory systems, gender discrimination, inefficient or inadequate administration, customary and traditional practices, corruption, and the lack of political will.
    Solid Ground is addressing these challenges at every level of government, and you can help make land for shelter a global priority for decades to come by donating your autograph.