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Mobile & Web GIS-based system for more efficient project management

Habitat for Humanity Nepal is using a web-based project management system (WPMS) to strengthen monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL).

The system is so user-friendly it makes it easy for the field staff to upload monitoring data and images from the project sites they visit using a smart phone and an app. While managers and directors in the national office can easily access this information to track progress and guide decision making.

The system uses QR code to identify accurate households based on their unique identification, making navigation easy and helping maintain consistency of data during surveys for gathering data on different phases of home construction.

The system helps managers in tracking quality against the standards of the program and construction, and progress against targets set out in the work plan. It is ultimately useful for maintaining transparency and accountability in project activities, balancing the pace of project activities, and showcasing achievements.
The Geographic Information System (GIS) database for MEAL is a single-point platform for effective management of complex information.

As all versions of data are available in single platform, it reduces time spent on printing and going through various versions and also ensures uniformity of understanding among the staff on the data. Its dashboard are used for the surveillance of damaged homes, to track the progress in home construction and identify location of quake-affected people. All these data can be displayed in the excel environment in the form of graphs, charts and table as well. The data presented in excel sheet is easy to sort, filter and analyze.

The platform is currently being upgraded to further aid effective project management. With the added features, the system will be able to accommodate hundreds of surveys without affecting performance. It will also automatically detect changes and report statistics about the project to the managers through email.